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Harlem NY, Election Night (2008)

The Oprah Winfrey Show (2008)

Tent camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011)

Tent camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011)

Artist's rendering of the Haitian earthquake, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011)

Post-prison interview with NFL Quarterback Michael Vick (2010)

Nightly News interview with Grammy Award winning artist Jill Scott (2011)

National Socialist Movement neo-Nazi organization, St. Louis, MO (2010)

U.S. Capitol, Inauguration of President Obama (2009)

Spectator, inauguration of President Obama (2009)

Village children gather, Democratic Republic of Congo (2007)

Sulfur mine, Java, Indonesia (2007)

Desert police, Petra, Jordan (2004)

India (2008)

A female inmate raises her baby in prison, Ohio (2010)

Man on subway, New York (2011)

Venice, Louisiana (2010)

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Utah (2010)